10 Daily Habits of Productive Leaders

10 Daily Habits of Productive Leaders


In an article on Forbes.com, Deep Patel talks about 10 changes you can make in your daily routine to boost productivity. Creating new habits to become a part of your daily routine is challenging, but once these new habits are formed your productivity will be increased.

The most productive leaders all follow these 10 daily habits which you could make your own habits:

Get Enough Sleep

40% of people in the United States sleep less than the recommended amount each night. Lack of sleep can negatively impact your productivity and health. If lack of sleep is making it harder for you to get through your day, this should be an area of your life to work on improving. Getting one more hour of sleep each night might not be as hard as it sounds.

Rise early

‘The early bird gets the worm,’ is a common saying that highlights the importance of being an early riser.

Getting enough sleep does not mean waking up at noon. “The most productive leaders understand the important of getting out of bed early in the morning”.

Meditate Daily

Currently, 8% of Americans used meditation to improve their mind, body, and soul. You should become a part of this 8% because it is a growing trend among productive leaders.

Workout (No Matter How You Do It)

Morning, Lunch, or Evening. It does not matter when you work out, as long as you work out at some point each day. If you are trying to get back in the habit of working out, start small and create realistic, measurable goals for yourself. Make it a part of your life and daily routine by doing little things such as joining a gym that is on your way home or finding a sport that you enjoy doing.

Eat A Good Breakfast

You have always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s true. A good breakfast is key to your morning productivity levels.

Take A Nap

A nap sounds unproductive, but it actually boosts your productivity.

A short 30 minute nap can improve performance, alertness, and mood. Making time for a short nap daily will help to transform your day for the better.

Don’t Waste Time Commuting

Use your commuting time to tackle important tasks. The time getting to and from the office should not be wasted. On average, a commute to work is around 26 minutes which becomes an hour each day. That is approximately 20 hours per month that should not be wasted.

Take Breaks To Re-energize

“Science says that taking breaks can boost productivity. That should be enough for you to give it a try”. Try getting up and walking around the office every hour. This breaks up the constant stimulation and gets your blood flowing to give more oxygen to the brain, allowing you to get back to work with a renewed energy.

Avoid Lengthy Meetings

Each year companies waste tens of billions of dollars on unnecessary meetings. Some meeting are unavoidable. But others can and should be cut out of your schedule. By having less lengthy meetings, you will have time to complete other tasks.

Use A To Do List/Block your Calendar

A to do list helps you to stay on track and see how much you are completing in a day. To avoid missing tasks on a to do list that may require more time or are more important it is also helpful to block out your calendar in 15 minute blocks, this way you are scheduling your tasks and more likely to complete everything you need to do. If you schedule tasks that are a true priority it will keep you on track and help you get everything done.


No two leaders are the same. It is important that you find the tools that are the most effective in boosting your productivity. Adding all ten of these tools to your daily habits is not necessary, just finding a few that work for you will help make your day more productive.