An Interesting Perspective on Declining a Job Offer

Oleg Vishnepolsky, the Global CTO of DailyMail Online, recently published a LinkedIn post providing an interesting perspective on why a candidate would decline a job offer from a highly-regarded organization. In this post, Oleg urges companies to take hiring new talent seriously and to treat candidates as people- not just as applicants. Full post included below.

“Offer declined – I am staying where I am.
The recruiter called me – why ? This is one of the top companies. What’s the counter offer?

Me: No counter offer.

1) I had 6 rounds of interviews.

2) I was grilled with questions but nobody took the time to explain what the job is like, did not even ask if I have any questions.

3) Lots of questions did not make sense – like why I am leaving my employer. I was not, your recruiter approached me and convinced me to come for your interview. Where I see myself in 5 years. They could not tell me where they see their company in 6 months.

4) The hiring process is too long, too disorganized.

5) The offer took too long.

6) The interviewers did not compare notes because during the 6 rounds of interviews they were asking the same questions. This should not look like an interrogation. They also looked tired and stressed.

If you want to hire talent, fix your basics. Treat candidates as people, not as applicants.

Fast forward, that company is not in the top tier any more.

Take hiring seriously. Those who you hire will determine your future.”