Avoid the Number One Hiring Mistake

Avoid the Number One Hiring Mistake

The recent U.S. job reports data suggests that the U.S. job market continues to improve which means several, good things; one of which is that you, your firm, your team, or your business might be hiring.

Although the keyword in that last paragraph seems to be ‘you’ and ‘your’, your goal in hiring is not to hire…well, you.

Your goal is to bring people onto your team who do not look like you so you have a diverse set of productivity skills and perspectives on your team. A high performance team is diverse – in thought and execution strengths. And – they actually perform – they produce ideas, deliverables and most importantly, results.

So, how do you avoid the lure of building a team of ‘mini me’ team members, and commit to building a high performing team?

Check this article to find out how!