Becoming a successful job-seeker

Searching for a new job can sometimes be a challenging experience. To support your transition to becoming a successful job seeker- our team at iWorld Professionals has outlined several proven tips for achieving success in your job search. In a recent article by Forbes, successful job seekers share data-backed habits which helped them reach and exceed their goals. These are tips that all levels of professionals can use to ease the process of job searching.

One of the habits is to inventory your skills, regularly.

Begin with “long-listing”. Create a large, comprehensive list of all your skills. This will display your experiences and value. You will be able to pull from the list to tailor resumes, strategically, for specific jobs and employers. Your resume is one of the most vital tools of a job search, and this habit will help create strong ones. Regularly adding skills you have developed will help you to keep track of your wide-ranging skill set.

Another great habit listed is to learn to articulate your skills.

Researchers from Berkeley have found vocalizing your skills enhances your value in the eyes of recruiters by a wide margin. And outrageously successful people are skilled in the habit of articulating their skills.” From the article, the key to this skill is reading between the lines- in other words, really inspecting the job requirements and description. Examine what the hiring team is looking for in both soft and technical skills. Use eloquent sentences to highlight how you

 A third habit to pick up is to devise a job-seeking strategy.

Searching for a new role is a large, cumbersome task. Creating a plan will simplify the process, and path out how you will reach each goal. “Many people confuse strategies with goals. A strategy, however, is what is required to reach a goal successfully. We think it is enough to ask around, contact friends of friends or upload our resumes to websites. Such actions are necessary, but they need a contingent plan to ensure our chances of success are as high as possible.”

Being proactive and taking on these habits, along with a positive attitude and outlook, will prepare you for your job search. To read all seven tips, see the full article below.