The Impact of the Coronavirus

When taking stock of everything that’s occurred in the early months of 2020, it’s easy to see that the Coronavirus has impacted every walk of life.

A health pandemic that has shocked the world’s economy will have lasting effects on individual career paths as well. A recent article by Forbes magazine discusses the biggest impacts of Covid 19 and just how much it will alter employment in the United States.

Working from home.

Excluding essential workers, nearly every organization has made the switch to a remote workplace. Companies are cutting costs in rent, employees are cutting costs through a non-existing daily commute. This new work environment will surely become a preference for many workers as companies begin to bring people back into the office.

Companies may face a challenge keeping employees interested in sitting in their cubicles 8 hours a day and committing to a commute once again. Working from home offers the benefits of managing daily priorities differently, spending more quality time with your family and investing more time into your personal health and wellness.

Unemployment and Intermittent Employment.

Millions of jobs have been eliminated in the wake of Covid 19. Going forward, it’s predicted that many people will stay on unemployment long-term or take on intermittent work, such as PT labor; Uber/Lyft driving; retail, etc. “Once this starts, it will be hard to stop, as the economy will be on wobbly legs for the foreseeable future and millions of Americans will continue to lose their jobs.”

Career Path Changes

As young students and adults take in the economy around them, many will consider going into an ‘essential’ field or mastering a trade. Factoring in the loss of jobs and balancing college debt- the option of starting a career as an Electrician, Plumber, Craftsman, Carpenter or Entrepreneur looks promising. This shift in studies may create a new wave of young workers, filling the gap created by Trade Schools fading away to Colleges and Universities.

The Forbes article closes by stating, “There’s a Chinese proverb that says, “May you live in interesting times.” Some interpret this as a good thing…It does look that America will be fast-heading into interesting times.”