Defining and Improving Company Culture

As the unemployment rate continues to decrease; companies are finding it takes more than having an open position to attract top candidates. Individuals in the job market are looking beyond the position and compensation, and paying closer attention to the culture that exists within the company. Culture is far more than a buzz word in the business world; it is now a criterion of those on the job search, as well as an opportunity for your company to obtain the best talent in the workforce.

With a new decade and a smaller pool of the unemployed, companies looking to hire have no choice but to use their culture as a differentiator.  In a recent article published by Fast Company, you can find the five culture trends that are forecasted to dominate the workplace in 2020, as predicted based upon the concepts that are grabbing the attention of those searching and those hiring.

Here’s a look at two of the trends that really stood out to us. Visit the article using the link below to see all five!


This article shares recent results from a Fortune survey stating “72%, of those surveyed, believe companies should be mission focused”. Professionals believe companies should be striving to make the world a better place, just as much as they are striving to make money. Value is being found in the ethics of the company; through concepts like leadership transparency, sustainability and environmental impact.


During the close of 2019, The World Health Organization opened up the idea of workplace burnout, bringing legitimacy to the issue of occupational stress. The idea of burnout is officially a syndrome stated to affect one’s overall well-being. The attention drawn to this has created an opportunity for employees to create dialogue about mental health.  A culture that is open to breaking the stigma toward this type of discussion will be desirable to those on the job hunt as we continue through 2020.