Employment rates are growing, can your hiring teams keep up?

Many variables contribute to a healthy market for companies to hire and retain qualified candidates and to create new jobs. Business News Daily recently reported that employment grew in August 2019, despite a lack of qualified workers. The growth surprised some, as they expected an economic slowdown to occur instead. In the recently published article regarding this shift, Business News Daily outlines the concerns and hopes of small business owners as they brace their hiring resources for the growth. “As small businesses begin to shift their focus to the potentially large economic returns that crop up at the end of the year, experts expect continuing job growth, despite a lack of qualified talent and a potentially downshifting economy.”

In a recently published small business index, experts reported that small businesses with about 300 employees or less saw a 1.72% upswing for month by month hiring. Industry growth is becoming apparent in manufacturing, construction, transportation and education. With this growth comes the responsibility of hiring qualified candidates and providing sufficient training to retain new employees and further grow your organization. Hiring companies typically search for qualified job seekers using a variety of methods including; cold calls, asking passive candidates and peers for referrals, scouring online job boards or by attending local job fairs. Dedicating your company’s resources to this search can be draining, especially for small businesses. This article reports that 89% of hiring companies polling stated they found only a few qualified candidates despite their internal efforts.

Manufacturing is an industry where researchers have seen extreme growth, but not an equally large candidate pool waiting for a call. In a similar study, researchers found that 35% of the businesses surveyed stated they had job openings that they failed to fill. 42% of the openings were in the Manufacturing industry. Here at iWorld Professionals, we have trained recruitment professionals committed to developing strong relationships with passive and interested candidates within the Manufacturing industry. Unlike other firms, we don’t just re-post your job description and wait for the intake. Over the past 20+ years, we’ve dedicated our resources to developing a rich database of active candidates, strong local relationships within each industry, as well as to figuring out the best ways to spot qualified candidates and get them interested in new opportunities. iWorld Professionals has placed thousands of candidates in successful roles varying in industries and experience levels, from entry level to executive. Our recruiters are one step ahead and ready to take on the challenge of keeping up with the ever-growing employment rates.


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