Five Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Presence for Your Job Search

Five Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Presence for Your Job Search

Using social media, especially LinkedIn, can be key to your job search. We’ve made a list of the top 5 tips to improve your profile to help you get hired! Don’t forget to check out our job board to see our latest openings!

Make your profile public – The first way to get out there is to reconsider your privacy settings. If we can’t find you, we can’t hire you! Hiring organizations search on key words associated with the jobs we’re trying to fill. There are a number of privacy settings including partial views that will help you be more visible for an aggressive job search.

Use an appropriate picture – A clear, professional, current photo is a must! It does not need a to be a portrait studio photo in a full suit but using poor judgment regarding something as simple as a profile photo might indicate you make poor choices at work as well. We know you’re smarter than that! Show us!

Accurately describe your experience – Including key words regarding niche areas of expertise can help you rise to top of the pile. Often times we are working a mile a minute to find the right candidate – if we don’t see key words we’re looking for in relation to the job we’re filling, we might skip over you! Be specific but concise.

Ask for references – LinkedIn allows users to write up recommendations for each other. Use this to your advantage by asking colleagues for positive feedback to help with your job search. This can really put some color around the key word-filled, accurate but concise work history you’ve put in the experience section! Plus, it’s a great idea to reconnect with colleagues from previous jobs to expand your network.

Link to recruiters – We’re here to help you find a job, Link In with us! Recruiters post latest openings, advice and news – it’s the best way to stay in the know about what opportunities we have available.