‘Ghosting’ Makes Its Way into the Recruiting World

‘Ghosting’ is a term that has surfaced within the realm of modern dating. Simply put, ghosting occurs when one person abruptly ceases all communication with the other. Now, the term is becoming more well-known within the recruiting field. Both candidates and recruiters have been on either side of the practice of ‘ghosting’. It can occur during an interview process, after an offer is made or even on the first day- when a candidate fails to show up for the job.

In a recently published article by the Rochester Business Journal, Kathleen Driscoll presents a report that reflects that nearly 1 in 10 candidates find it acceptable for a job seeker to ghost a company after accepting an offer or for a company to ghost a candidate after extending an offer. “The company found that common reasons for ghosting include accepting another job offer (30 percent), never hearing back from the company (23 percent) and deciding the role was not a match (19 percent).” (Driscoll p.38). A snippet of the article is posted above, asking the burning question, “What makes someone disappear into the ether?”