iWorld Professionals- 2019 Internship Group Update

iWorld Professionals- 2019 Internship Group Update

During the summer of 2019, iWorld Professionals graduated 8 excellent participants from our Summer Internship Program.  Where are they now- 1 year later?  


Nikki Poorman- MBA Graduate, Alfred University

  • Nikki graduated from Alfred University with her MBA and immediately joined iWorld Professionals as a Recruiting Coordinator.  She continues to be a strong contributor to our team utilizing her marketing and business skills.  We are proud to have her as a full-time member of our team!

Julia Allen- Bachelor’s Graduate in Communication, University at Buffalo

  • Julia has graduated from University at Buffalo with her degree in Communication. She has plans to pursue her Master’s degree in Business Marketing or HR Management this fall. She was recently promoted to a Management role within her position at a local restaurant in Buffalo and looks forward to continuing her studies.

Katie Lovgren- BBA Graduate in Management Information Systems and Marketing, Ohio University

  • After earning her dual Bachelor degree, Katie relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina. She is excited to apply her experience to future positions within the marketing and data system industries.

Christina Luciano- Student at Nazareth College

  • Christina has since completed another Marketing internship at a company in Rochester NY. She’s gained experience in digital marketing, photography and website design. She is currently pursuing a coaching internship at Nazareth College and is expected to graduate next year with her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Visual Communication & Design.

Ally Neu- Marketing Student at Western New England University

  • Ally has continued her Marketing studies and expects to graduate next year with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Marketing. She looks forward to gaining more experience in marketing and preparing to earn a full-time role in the industry after graduation.

Abbie Nuijens- Bachelor’s Graduate in Marketing, St. Bonaventure University

  • Abbie has accepted a Graduate Assistant position within the St. Bonaventure Business School and will pursue her MBA. She looks forward to applying her Marketing degree to future roles within the field.

Luc Watson- Bachelor’s Graduate in Marketing, University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration

  • Luc is working as a Search Engine Marketing Analyst in Pittsburgh, PA. He’s gaining great experience in running social media accounts, tracking key metrics and utilizing different social media strategies to market a company’s products.

Daniel Zambito- Master’s Graduate in Strategic Marketing, Roberts Wesleyan College

  • Dan is currently employed with a company in Rochester NY. He works on social media marketing and increasing e-commerce for the company website. Dan has continued building his knowledge of content writing and copy-editing within the marketing field.