Our Approach

Our team is driven by achieving success delivered through unmatched performance and integrity. You will be treated as an individual, not just a resume or a job description.  You will notice the difference during your first interaction with us.  We are staffing professionals committed to matching the correct job and candidate to what you are seeking. Call today and partner with us to engage in the iWorld Professionals difference.

What We Do

Whether you are a job seeker or a hiring manager looking to build a team, iWorld Professionals can help. Every candidate search is conducted in a professional, discreet and time sensitive manner, always keeping in mind the unique characteristics of each individual and organization that we represent. Whether your global staffing need is for direct hire or strategic staff augmentation, iWorld Professionals has a world class team of technical recruiters, a network of highly skilled people and an internal database filled with talented professionals to meet all of your staffing needs.

Global Reach

Our global reach with many office locations that span across the world offer our customers an opportunity to derive resources from a wide range of talent. Our efforts are rewarded when we find the candidate to successfully fulfill your global staffing requirements. Let iWorld Professionals put their talent to work for you.


“I cannot thank you enough for the interview prep prior to my call with the hiring manager. I haven’t had an interview in over 13 years and I forgot what it was like to be on the other end. It was so nice to have my answers prepared so I could feel confident going into the actual interview. Thank you again!”

Job SeekerRochester, NY

"I appreciated your professionalism, it was the best conversation I had with a company like yours all year. 

I believe that your company would be one I would like to work with."

Larry S - IT ManagerToronto, Canada

"You're a pleasure to work with--you go the extra mile."

Job SeekerExecutive COO

"I can honestly say that you truly stand out in the recruiting field, as there are a lot of people / companies that don't return calls or emails and it makes me wonder how they stay in business. I thank you, simply for your level of care and professionalism."

Sr Sales ExecutiveEnergy Industry

"Thank you for your honesty. Most recruiters now a days very rarely tell you the truth or get back to you. I look forward to keeping in touch."

Robert GVP, Sales

"The approach that iWorld Professionals uses to become trusted advisers of hiring companies as well as applicants sounds like a good fit for what I have to offer."

Job SeekerNY

"It was a pleasure meeting the iWorld Professionals team. I continue to be impressed by your commitment and excellence towards great service. Thank you again for an outstanding meeting, I look forward to working with you in the future."


“I was extremely pleased with your professionalism throughout the entire process and every effort you made on my behalf. I worked with other staffing agencies for other jobs throughout my search and did not get nearly the quality of assistance that I received from you and iWorld Professionals.

Job SeekerNY

We sincerely appreciate all of your and your team’s efforts in providing qualified candidates. We have seen several good quality applicants and your response rate is wonderful! Thank you for the support we receive from iWorld Professionals. We are impressed with your overall response rate, candidates, and efforts!”



“I wanted to thank you for taking the time and meeting with me today. I am sure you have a very busy schedule and therefore I hope you feel the time was well spent. It’s obvious iWorld Professionals holds professionalism and integrity to a higher standard and hope there is opportunity for us to work together in the future. iWorld Professionals is EXACTLY the type of company I would like to be associated with.”

Job SeekerNY