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iWorld Professionals offers you, as our selected staffing partner, a significant way to augment your current business offerings by providing your organization a way to add a separate, non-competing, complementary, incremental revenue stream for your company. Our staffing services will enable you to strengthen your current business relationships with your clients while maintaining your ‘trusted adviser’ role and independent relationship. Our services will enhance your business partnership with your clients.

How to get started

Together we will establish an agreement with your company and outline the simple program to follow so that we can begin to provide your referral staffing partners the people and talent they need today. We provide candidates for direct hire, project-based contracting, temporary or consulting engagements.

Our Partner Process

Throughout our Partner Process, you will have direct, real-time access to a system that enables you to follow along with the business workflow of every client referral that you provide to iWorld Professionals.

You will see the status of each job opening and the time of fulfillment so that you can easily track the revenue that will flow to you. You will receive periodic updates on the status of each opportunity so that you are aware of the direct benefits of our work to support your referral clients. You win because your clients win.

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