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iWorld Professionals, is a full service job placement firm specializing in contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire placements, and redefines the value delivered to our candidates. Since 1996, we have been working with highly talented individuals placing them in the best jobs, with the best companies in the market. We have the resources and methodology to work with you to find the right opportunities for you today and as your career progresses.


Consultative Approach

Job happiness is not only about dollars but about culture, career advancement and other intangible characteristics that we take the time to learn. Our recruiters make it their job to talk to you and meet you personally to learn what is important to you in your job placement search. You can rely on real people to help you – No more keyword searches on your resume to define your capabilities.


Confidential Skill Matching

You won’t always be searching for a new job but you may remain open to new opportunities. Our recruiters will work with you, whether you are a passive or active job seeker, to confidentially present your credentials to companies that are always looking for talented people. This keeps you always aware of your career options in a fast-paced ever changing job market. Your confidentiality is always assured. Your resume will never be presented to any company without your approval. Our commitment is to work in partnership with you will be to align your job search to only those jobs you are interested in and for the companies that you want to work for.

Advisory Services

Top Representation

We have spent years building a reputation as the best staffing firm in the industry. Our executives and recruiting staff have developed relationships at the highest levels with the top companies in the world. When a company receives a resume from iWorld Professionals, they know it’s a candidate of the highest caliber.

Maximize Your Opportunity

Our team of world class recruiters is not incented simply on job placement but by maximizing the opportunity for you. Our job is to represent you well in order to assure that you receive the best compensation package possible on your behalf.

Comprehensive Benefits

We offer a comprehensive benefits package for our contractors. Our benefit programs include medical, dental, 401k and paid vacation packages.

Business Strategies

Easy Onboarding

Once a position is offered, we facilitate the onboarding process for you. Companies want to work with us because of the ease with which our candidates transition to their organization. We manage background checks, drug screens and any pre-hire paperwork creating a seamless engagement for you and the company.